Where do you hide from danger, when you can´t hide anywhere? The little girl Bahar believes she has found a way.

„Bahar in Wonderland“ is the story of Bahar, a little girl, who given the circumstances she is in, is not able to be a child. In order to fight her fears and defend herself from danger she believes in being able to become invisible by closing her eyes.

She is escaping with her father from Syria to Germany. Our normality is not normal for this child. Why does Bahar not cry when losing her father? She does not have the luxury of having a normal childhood, as in her situation she is not allowed to act according to her feelings and out of the nature of a little child.

Bahar shows us that the strangers, who we often are scared of, are also scared and afraid away from home. Because of that fear they might act differently. Through Bahar‘s story I want to give the viewer an understanding for those people, as every human is different and everybody has experienced different lives.

In order to live together we need the will to understand each other.